Autumn 2018 – update

Proposed CPZ in Townley Road

Please note the message below from Ian McInnes, Chairman of the Dulwich Society, regarding the proposed CPZ (controlled parking zone) in Townley Road.

If the scheme goes through, a knock-on effect is highly likely in Court Lane and surrounding roads where parking spaces are scarce.  Please write to our local councillors Richard Leeming and Margy Newens expressing your views on this proposal and also write to Southwark Council, all at the links below, and use the link below to download the form to request a Parking Zone consultation

Dear Residents’ Associations,

The number of controlled parking zones in the area has been growing over the last few years. First they appeared in Herne Hill (Lambeth side), then Herne Hill (Southwark Side) and then in the North Dulwich Triangle – and the one there is about to be extended into Village Way.

There is now to be a CPZ consultation in Townley Road covering East Dulwich, north and east of Townley Road. The potential impact on Dovercourt Road, Beauval Road and Calton Avenue (not part of the consultation) is likely to be substantial – and the displaced parking could also affect Woodwarde Road, Court Lane and Gilkes Crescent.

The Dulwich Society’s view is that any consultation must be much wide-ranging and should include Dulwich Village. If you are concerned, and would like your road considered as part of a CPZ consultation, you need to let the Council know. Residents should email: copied to councillors, asking for their roads to be included or you can go the council’s website which has a special form at

Village Way CPZ

Following a consultation, it is likely that the North Dulwich triangle CPZ will be extended to cover Village Way which has recently been suffering from displaced parking.

Please express your views to the Council and to our local councillors in Village and Goose Green Wards and let them know.

Village ward;

Goose Green Ward;

Consultation on pedestrian crossings at the junction of Lordship Lane and Dulwich Common by the former Grove Tavern

TfL are consulting on plans to improve pedestrian safety at this Junction. This is potentially a major safety enhancement and can we suggest that as many people as possible respond by 25th October.


Dulwich Community Council meeting – September 19th 2018

Kings College Hospital

Peter Herring, the new Chief Executive, Kings College Hospital Trust, told the meeting about the £146 million deficit (against a £34 million deficit forecast!), saying that KCH was less financially disciplined than other hospitals in the UK. There is a new team in place to deal with the ongoing problems and the hospital is in special measures.

He explained that mental health cases were a very serious problem at Kings and, as a result, A&E departments suffer. There is also a problem of bed-blocking caused by a serious lack of health care in the community. He said that this is a national problem.

The Police

Lambeth and Southwark Police forces are merging. More details to come.

Quietways 7

At the DCC meeting, the junction was soundly criticised by local cyclists, pedestrians and residents. It was pointed out that the police cyclists themselves, having monitored the junction for a week, concluded that it was flawed and dangerous. Their report has yet to be made public.

The Council recently carried out a monitoring exercise on the Dulwich Village junction due to complaints of

  • pedestrians being injured having tripped over the kerb-stones;
  • conflict of Court Lane and Calton Avenue traffic lights;
  • pedestrians, cyclists and motorists being given the green light at the same time; and
  • school patrol officers complaining that the refuges, having been removed, makes it dangerous for children to cross. They also complain that many cyclists jump the lights or cycle on the busy pavements.

As a result of these criticisms, a half-box of yellow hatching has been installed. Its effectiveness is being monitored by the Council. Comments to COLAR on this measure and the junction as a whole would be most welcome. Contact or we can pass your comments on to Southwark.

Quietway 8 – Peckham to Wimbledon via Dulwich

It appears that this initiative is still alive though progress is unknown. However, Clement Agyei-Frempong of Southwark Council confirmed at the meeting that this new Quietway will go ahead.

If you look at the Southwark Cyclists’ website, you will see that the route is fraught with difficulties not least of which is the problem of how to cross the arterial junction of Barry Road and Lordship Lane into Eynella Road. These problems came to light when Clement, along with Joanna Lesak the designer, cycled the route with the Southwark Cyclists who then posted their comments on their website.

Barclays Bank, Dulwich Village

Closes on 12th October. There is no information about any new occupant.

Foundation coaches

Re-routing of the coaches has been delayed by TfL until next year.

Alleyn Park Sorting Office

There have been problems with inspectors finding mail in locked cupboards not delivered from 2017. The manager has been sacked.

SG Smith site

The work of demolition has been completed. Gilkes Place is permanently blocked at the junction with Gilkes Crescent.

Court Lane Pavement repairs

In March, there was an award amounting to £27,200 for Court lane pavement repairs. Alwyn Samuel ( is the Principal Engineer leading on this. We will contact him to find out when works will commence. We will also ask councillors Richard and Margy for help in getting these repairs done.

We look forward to hearing from you with comments you might have on these items or any other comments you would care to make on local matters.

Jean and Charles Cary-Elwes, Ian Rankine, Emily Chong