Village Junction Feedback

Please see information from Southwark’s Highways Engagement Officer regarding feedback on the new Dulwich Village junction.  Members are encouraged to submit their own personal opinions/experiences/comments.

I am writing to you as you have expressed an interest in the Dulwich Village works.

We are continuing to seek your feedback on your experience of the new road layout at Dulwich Village. The link to feed back can be found at – here you will also find a report summarising the outcomes of site visits and road safety audits carried out so far – this includes recent responses to safety concerns from TfL. This report will be continually updated as further monitoring is undertaken.

We’ve also included in an updated design drawing showing further changes to signage and road markings at Dulwich Village to address some of the initial concerns, and we have added a design drawing to show the whole of this section of Quietway 7 (Elephant & Castle to Crystal Palace – section 3).

Please do continue to give us your feedback via the online form .

Dear all,

I have been advised that some of you may be having difficulty opening the links in the email previously sent. Please see below for the full web addresses:

For the monitoring page:

For the feedback form:

Please let me know if you experience any further issues with these.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Hamston

Highways and New Homes Engagement Officer

Southwark Council

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Community Engagement Division

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London, SE1 5LX

Tel – 020 7525 3990

Mob – 0771 177 5398


Now you can be involved in community council discussions online:

COLAR Committee Meeting 12/02/2018

A committee meeting of COLAR was held on Monday 12th February 2018 at 10.30am at 140 Court Lane.


Chair                                  Ian Rankine                   140 CL

Secretary                          Richard Bushell                 3 CLG

Charles Cary-Elwes      122 CL

Jean  Cary-Elwes          122 CL

Emily Chong                  119 CL

Roy Collins                    115 CL

Brigid Gardner            Ash Cottage  CL


The meeting was chaired by Ian Rankine and minuted by Richard Bushell

Item Description Actionee
1 Changes to Village Junction  
1.1 Many concerns have been raised over the revised junction. The overall concerns relate to the negative impact to pedestrians from increased risk and inconvenience. The poor visibility and confusion for motorists and cyclists is also raising concerns. The police have been monitoring throughout the last week.  
1.2 It was proposed that the COLAR committee prepare a letter outlining the concerns following the first 2 months of operation of the junction and send to our MP, Sadiq Khan and Tfl.  
  The appropriate people to address the letter were agreed as :

Helen Hayes MP for Dulwich and West Norwood

Sadiq Khan Mayor of London

Caroline Pidgeon Liberal Democrat member of London Assembly

Valerie Shawcross Deputy Mayor for London, Transport

Dr Will Norman London’s Walking & Cycling Commissioner

Due references should be given the statements in the Mayor’s “Healthy Streets for London”

1.3 Residents are to be encouraged to write their own comments as well to the above people  
1.4 In addition comments should be made to the Southwark consultation website  
1.5 A request under the Freedom of Information Act will be made asking what the cost of the junction changes were and what the budget allocated was. Charles Cary-Elwes
2 Cleaner, Greener Grant  
2.1 The grant application to replace the damaged/tarmac areas in paving in Court Lane was turned down.

Roy to chase to find out why. There were 2 parts to the application and only one seems to have been rejected



Roy Collins


2.2 Utility companies are obliged to replace like for like surfacing.

Also issues with tree pits may require a request to the council

Residents should  advise council of issues/deficiencies so the council can chase it up.

Appropriate personnel are :

Dale Foden – Street Care Manager   DL 0207 525 2045  Email:

Oliver Stutter – Southwark Urban Forester DL 0207 525 2090   Email:

Gary Meadowcroft – Southwark Tree Officer DL 0207 525 3438  Email:

3 Burgularies and Car Jackings etc  
3.1 The number of reported incidents is disturbing. COLAR has been distributing reports of incidents to members to raise awareness.

Roy Collins to contact CL Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator to discuss best reporting mechanisms and working together



Roy Collins

4 Data Protection  
4.1 The Data Protection requirements are changing this March and it requires each individual to positively agree to have their contact information used. A no-response does not equate to agreement.

All members to be contacted and asked to respond in writing (email) to their agreement to have their details used




Charles Cary-Elwes

4.2 Eastlands Crescent, Eyenella and Desefans Roads have asked to be included on communications. The DP requirements will need to address these contacts too Charles Cary-Elwes
5 Raised Beds  
5.1 The raised beds ate the village end of Court Lane were discussed. It is believed these were part of the Dulwich Estate and were protected. It was suggested that the Estate should be approached to improve the appeance perhaps by re-pointing and replanting as part of the 400 year celebration Ian Rankine


6 COLAR Website  
6.1 Additional contacts to be added (as per items 1 and 2)

Details of forthcoming local events to be added

Ian Rankine
7.1 A brief discussion was held outlining what COLAR had achieved since its inception with the purpose of confirming it was benefiting the membership.

Some of the achievements were:

·         140 plus members

·         Improved communication

·         Increased attendance at DCC meetings

·         Site meetings with council and contractors

·         Highlighting issues and appropriate contact details

·         Encouraging comments on junction

·         Working with other RAs etc.

  Minuted by Richard Bushell

15th Feb 2018

Richard Bushell                                     Ian Rankine


COLAR AGM 23rd November 2017

The 2nd AGM meeting of COLAR was held on Thursday 23rd November 2017 at 7.30pm at St Barnabas Parish Hall in Dulwich Village.

The agenda:

  1. Apologies for absence from the meeting
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 6th December 2016
  4. Matters arising from the Minutes not covered by the Agenda
  5. Election of Committee
  6. Quietway 7 – Decision to go ahead taken, but the promised call in by Councillors did not happen. The main areas remain namely the redesign of the Village junction, loss of priority for Court Lane, three lanes funnelled into 2, traffic displacement and possible serious congestionand air pollution at peak times.
  7. Meeting with Quietway 8 planner, Joanna Lesak. Quiteway 8 is to run from Peckham, up Barry Road  crossing Lordship Lane by Dulwich Library and down Court Lane to join Quietway 7 at the junction with Dulwich village.
  8. SG Smith development
  9. Double yellow lines on all corners
  10. Foundation Schools Coaches Survey
  11. The newly formed Dulwich Forum, an umbrella group of local RA’s etc.
  12. Any other matters members see fit to bring up for discussion.
  13. Date of the next AGM –  December 2018 (tba)

The meeting was chaired by Ian Rankine and minuted by Richard Bushell


Item Description Actionee
1 Apologies for absence from the meeting  
1.1 No apologies were received  
2 Declarations of interest  
2.1 No declarations of interested were received  
3 Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 6th December 2016  
3.1 The minutes were accepted as read  
4 Matters arising from the Minutes not covered by the Agenda  
4.1 In was noted that COLAR now had some 127 individual email addresses representing dome 145 people.

In addition our communications were also copied to residents in Eynella Road, Desenfans Road and Eastlands Crescent

5 Election of Committee  
5.1 The existing committee members apart from Kamal Rahman and Liz Emerson have indicated their willingness to stand for re-election.

No additional members have put forward their names so the COLAR committee was elected unopposed as follows:

Officers (2)

Chair                                    Ian Rankine            140 CL

Secretary                            Richard Bushell      3 CLG


Committee members who will help & co-chair when needed :

Charles Cary-Elwes     122 CL

Jean  Cary-Elwes         122 CL

Emily Chong                 119 CL

Roy Collins                    115 CL

Brigid Gardner –          Ash Cottage  CL

6 Quietway 7  
6.1 The changes to the Village junction have commenced with some minor changes to the original proposal, the most significant being to retain some of the railings outside the schools.

The works are reported to be complete by 1Q 2018, the slow progress of the works was noted. The local shops have reported a more than 40% drop in sales driven by the chaos and reduction in parking.

Discussions locally with the contractors and council have lead to reduced work areas to free up more parking for shoppers and residents. Discussions to use the SG Smiths area for contractor’s storage are underway.

Also the proposal to remove the double yellow lines on Carlton avenue on the RHS up to Gilkes Crescent were well received and hopefully will be implemented.

It was suggested concerned COLAR members should write directly to the council namely

Matt Hill Highways Department

Cc Dulwich Village councillors, COLAR.

COLAR will put the names and contact details for the councillors etc on the website

















7 Quietway 8  
7.1 Quietway 8 runs from Peckham to Wimbledon. The proposed route  from Peckham goes up Barry Road  crossing Lordship Lane by Dulwich Library onto Eynella Road and down Court Lane to join Quietway 7 at the junction with Dulwich Village and onto Wimbledon  
7.2 An onsite discussion was held on the 16th November with the Quietways 8 planner, Joanna Lesak at which many suggestions and observations were made. Also one village councillor was in attendance. COLAR representatives and local residents were in attendance.  
8 SG Smith development  
8.1 The site had until recently been occupied by travellers

Planning issues are believed to have delayed the work until march 2016

An update is to be requested





9 Double Yellow Lines on all corners  
9.1 Since most roads already have DYL and the extent proposed is limited the implementation is not considered to have minor impact on parking  
10 Foundation Schools Coaches Survey.  
10.1 The village roadworks has resulted in the coaches diverting from Carlton Avenue improving the situation. The final solution is still awaiting the resolution of  a number of issues particularly about the drop off / collection point at the college  
11 Dulwich Villlage Forum  
11.1 The Dulwich Village Forum (DVF) is being formed to represent the RAs, businesses and schools to present a more representative group of local stake holders which should be seen as a more powerful local group to discuss issues affecting affected parties in the village

The link is



The DVF is progressing through the process required under local government rules to get its self established and recognised under local government legislation.  
12. COLAR Website  
12.1 The floor found the website useful

A request for help was put forward to the floor

Contact information for the Council will be added (See 6.1)




13 Any other matters members see fit to bring up for discussion  
13.1 There is an holistic traffic study being carried out by the Steer Davies Gleave on behalf of Southwark covering the 3 local wards including Dulwich Village.  
13.2 Jean and Charles Ewles put in an application for a Cleaner Greener grant to replace the asphalt patches in Court Lane with matching paving.  
14 Date of the next AGM  –  December 2018 (tba)  
  Minuted by Richard Bushell

8th December 2017

Richard Bushell                                     Ian Rankine