COLAR AGM 28th Nov 2018

The 3rd AGM meeting of COLAR was held on Wednesday 28th November 2017 at 7.00pm at St Barnabas Parish Hall in Dulwich Village. 

The agenda:

1.            Apologies for absence

2.            Declarations of interest

3.            Minutes of the AGM held on Tuesday 23rd Nov 2017                       

4.            Matters arising from the Minutes not covered by the Agenda

5.            Election of Committee (all existing Committee members have indicated their willingness to stand for re-election)  If you would like to stand, please let me have a note of your name for inclusion in the process

6.            Chairman’s Report (will be mainly covered in discussion of items 7 to 12)

7.            Quietways 7 – assessment of Dulwich Village junction.  Is Lambeth not now going ahead with their section?

8.            Quietways 8 – progress of the further Quietway proposed to run from Peckham, up Barry Road crossing Lordship Lane by Dulwich Library, down Woodwarde Road to join Quietway 7 at the junction with Dulwich Village. The reverse route will run up Court Lane and Eynella Road

9.            SG Smith site development

10.          Controlled Parking Zones: Townley Road CPZ: consultation period

11.          Foundation Schools Coaches

12.          Dulwich Village Forum, an umbrella group of local RA’s…what progress?

13.          Award of £27k secured by COLAR to repair tree pits on Court Lane pavements

14.          Events in Dulwich Park & Brockwell Park

15.          Royal Mail sorting office problems

16.          Kings College Hospital – new CEO – £145 million deficit in 2017

17.          Crime, muggings, burglaries

18.          AOB

19.          Date of the next AGM  –  November 2019  (tba)

The meeting was chaired by Ian Rankine and minuted by Richard Bushell

1Apologies were received from Brigid Gardner and Anna Collins  
2No declarations of interested were received
3 The Minutes of the Dec 2017 AGM were accepted as read  
4 It was agreed to add the new councillors (Richard Leamus and Margie Eylings) details onto the website and to add other useful phone numbers. It was noted that COLAR now had some 147 individual e-mail addresses. In addition, our communications were also copied to residents in Eynella Road, Desenfans Road and Eastlands Crescent
5 Election of Committee. The existing committee members have indicated their willingness to stand for re-election. No additional members have put forward their names so the COLAR committee was elected unopposed as follows: Officers (2) Chair Ian Rankine 140 CL Secretary Richard Bushell  3 CLG Committee members who will help & co-chair when needed : Charles Cary-Elwes 122 CL Jean Cary-Elwes 122 CL Emily Chong 119 CL Roy Collins 115 CL Anna Collins 115 CL Brigid Gardner – Ash Cottage  CL  
6 The Chairman presented his report  
7Quietway 7. The changes to the Village junction have been completed. The recent addition of the yellow box appears to have helped traffic flow. The results of the survey is awaited. Lambeth have not agreed to proceed with the continuation. Any comments or concerns should be sent to the council and copied to COLAR    
8Quietway 8.   Quietway 8 runs from Peckham to Wimbledon. The proposed route from Peckham runs up Barry Rd crossing Lordship Lane by Dulwich Library onto Eynella Road and down Court Lane to join Quietway 7 at the junction with Dulwich Village and onto Wimbledon. This proposal appears to be still being discussed  
9 SG Smith development. The demolition has commenced. The clearance of petrol contaminated ground appears a much bigger excercise than thought with additional tanks identified    
10 Controlled Parking Zones. Townley Road CPZ: consultation period discussed  
1 1Foundation Schools Coaches Survey.      The final implementation is still awaiting the resolution of  a number of issues particularly about the drop off / collection point at Dulwich College  
12 Dulwich Villlage Forum. The Dulwich Village Forum (DVF) is currently effectively on hold. The link is:  
13 Tree Pits. The representation of residents (C&JCE) successfully achieved an award of £27,000 for the construction of tree pits in Court Lane. The work is presently approximately 50% complete  
14 Events in Dulwich Park. Some of the up-and-coming events were listed  
15 Royal Mail sorting office problems. The problems that had occurred at the Alleyn Road sorting office was discussed. A Member of staff has been dismissed  
16 Kings College Hospital. A new CEO has been appointed – £145 million deficit in 2017  
17  Crime, muggings, burglaries. A number of incidents continue to occur. A recent burglary occurred with the owner being distracted in the garden installing Xmas lights whilst his accomplice entered through the open door and rifled the house  
18 AOB. A member of the audience brought it to the meeting’s attention that a planning application to knock down a house in Eastlands Crescent and replace it with 2 new builds which were not in character with the area has been proposed. A concern was that the change may set a precedence. Residents were invited to review the plans and comment to the planning offices  
19 Date of the next AGM  –  December 2019 (tba)  
  Minuted by Richard Bushell 17th December 2018
 Richard Bushell                                     Ian Rankine

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