Getting Around Dulwich

Public Meeting – Getting Around Dulwich – Towards a healthier, safer
and more active future. Hosted by The Dulwich Society

Held on Saturday 12th January 2019 at the Herne Hill Methodist Church
Hall, 155 Half Moon Lane, SE24 9JG at 2.30pm


Helen Hayes MP for Dulwich & West Norwood

Councillor Richard Livingstone – Southwark Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport Management and Air Quality

Councillors Margy Newens and Richard Leeming, Dulwich Village Ward

Dr Helen Wood, Queen Mary University of London, and local resident.

Dr Henrietta Collier, Bessemer Grange, School Streets Initiative

Chair: Ian McInnes, Dulwich Society


About 120 residents and members of the public. Groups/organisations with
members present included Bell House, Bessemer Grange School, DUCKS,
Dulwich College Junior School, Dulwich Safe Routes to School, Dulwich Society, Dulwich Village Association (traders), Dulwich Village Forum, Dulwich Village Infants School, Herne Hill Forum, Herne Hill Society, JAGS, JAPS, London Cycling Campaign, Mums for Lungs and 10 residents’ associations.

1. Welcome and Introductions

Ian McInnes (Dulwich Society and Chair of meeting) opened the meeting and set the scene. Residents have raised concerns about speeding traffic, parking difficulties and delivery vans clogging local roads. Parents are worried about air pollution near schools and pedestrian safety.

The main purpose of the meeting was for residents to tell Southwark Council how they thought a more ‘liveable’ Dulwich could be achieved and listen to how the Council’s current and upcoming policies might impact the area. Going forward the aim was to start a dialogue with Southwark, building on the holistic traffic management study published in 2018 and to work together to make Dulwich a better place for everyone.

2. Speakers

Helen Hayes MP set the national and local context.

Air pollution is a huge national and local issue and getting worse. There are
40,000 premature deaths annually and 9,000 in London alone arising from poor air quality. This is an avoidable public health crisis and the government is not responding quickly enough. More radical action is needed, and Labour will propose a new Clean Air Act. Local authorities are listening to community concerns and residents need to make their views known on issues such as Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs). Councils will do what they can where they exercise control but some infrastructure such as motorways are outside their control. To help improve air quality in London, the Mayor is introducing an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) on 8th April 2019 in Central London which will be extended to the South Circular in October 2021.

Councillor Richard Livingstone – Southwark Cabinet Member for
Environment, Transport Management and Air Quality

Cllr Livingstone invited residents to comment on the Draft Movement Plan
currently out for consultation at bttps:/ until 18 February 2019. This will set the direction of transport planning in Southwark over the next 20 years, and specifically the plan for the next four years. Southwark want to hear what journeys are being made across the borough and what improvements to streets and public spaces look like. It covers such matters as electric vehicles and charging points.

Other points:

  • Southwark has an Air Quality Action Plan. Education rather than
    mitigation measures. Monitoring air quality around schools and the
    introduction of school streets are part of this.
  • There is a 20mph zone in Southwark. Effort is going into reducing vehicle
    speeds and Council is working through the list of top ten hotspots.

Several of the borough’s most polluted roads are in Dulwich – Barry Road,
Dulwich Wood Park and Forest Hill Road – but some of the roads have
challenges and need a redesign. One option may be to introduce traffic
calming by blocking off some of the streets used as commuter short cuts.

  • Good public transport into London and across Dulwich is vital but City Hall isn’t helping with their recent bus route curtailments.
  • The Dulwich Traffic Management Study undertaken in 2018 will help to
    inform policy about walking & cycling, and improving air quality.
  • Three key cycle routes are being planned or in the course of
  • implementation:
  • Southwark Spine down Crystal Palace Road
  • Quietway 7 – to the Croxted Road/Turney Road junction
  • Quietway – from Peckham Rye to Dulwich (joining Quietway 7) via
    Friern Road.

There is segregation of cyclists/vehicles in some sections of these routes.

  • CPZ consultations – A CPZ is about to be introduced in Champion Hill and
    there are two live consultations in East Dulwich and West Peckham, and
    residents are urged to make their views known.

Parking and healthier streets study in East Dulwich https:/
 leisure/eastdu!wichparking/ Open till 28 Feb 2019

West Peckham parking zone and healthier streets
 leisure/peckhamwestparking/ Open till 7 February 2019

Overall, Southwark is active and working towards a better environment. To be clear, this does not mean residents will have to stop using their cars, nor should parking controls be bad for business. The problem lies with weekday parking by commuters reducing the available parking space for residents. This is increasing and must be tackled.

Councillor Margy Newens – Dulwich Ward councillor

Cllr Newens focused on dispelling some of the misconceptions about controlled parking.

The council will only proceed with a CPZ if there is a strong local demand. CPZs are cost/revenue-neutral; the charges cover the cost of consultation,
implementation and enforcement. The council recognises the impact of
commuter and long-staying vehicles on resident parking, but it is often difficult to shift long staying vehicles which are parked legally.

Cllr Newens described her own experiences with the CPZ in her road. Initially reluctant but voted for it in the 2015 consultation. Now the CPZ (12midday to 2pm) means she and fellow residents are likely to find a space near their homes and commuters no longer occupy spaces.

Councillors recognise traffic pre- and post-school hours contributes to congestion and extra parking. Cllr Newens is working with the Village school and groups such as Safe Routes to reduce vehicle usage and encourage families to walk to school.

Anyone wanting a CPZ is encouraged to contact Southwark Council – further details at

Councillor Richard Leeming – Village Ward Councillor

Cllr Leeming emphasised he is driven by what residents want and is keen to
start a conversation. He wants to make the area more “village-like”. He
highlighted the benefits of a “Low Traffic Neighbourhood” i.e. designing roads to match the needs of residents. LTNs install bollards, benches and gates to deter road use by vehicles. Lessons could be learnt from Waltham Forest, though the areas were very different. LTNs result in people spending more time in the area, increasing the use of local shops and reducing empty retail units.

Cllr Leeming is keen for residents to put forward ideas for consideration in next year’s Local Implementation Plan.

Dr Helen Wood – Queen Mary University of London and local resident

Dr Wood spoke on the health impacts of traffic-related air pollution. The nature of air pollution has changed over the past 70 years and the most toxic pollutant is now nitrogen dioxide (N02) particulates, with a ten-fold increase in vehicle distances travelled over that time coupled with 30% decrease of walking in the last 25 years. The key emitter of N02 is diesel fuel which in 2014 powered 50% of new vehicles.

Over the human life span, the impact of outdoor and indoor pollution is insidious causing respiratory effects and asthma in children and a range of long-term chronic conditions in adults including diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses as well as lung cancer.

Dr Wood drew attention to the impact of deadly fine particles on various parts of the body – not only the lungs but also the heart, brain and blood – and to the groups of people most at risk, with children and babies to the fore. Avoiding busy streets and walking on the inside of the pavement (away from the traffic) can make a big difference, especially for children in buggies whose height makes them particularly vulnerable to car fumes. Of note, the worst air pollution is inside cars and a child being driven to school is exposed to more pollution than the cyclist on the road beside the car.

Daily pollution levels can be checked on the London Air web site
( and there are a range of mobile apps to download as well.

Dr Henrietta Collier – Bessemer Grange initiative

Local parent Henrietta Collier outlined the Bessemer Grange initiative. ‘School Streets’ are timed closure of a road outside a school to coincide with the start and end of the school day. Benefits include active travel to school for pupils and improvement in air quality and road safety for all. It will also alleviate parking problems and engine idling near schools. Play Streets are time-limited closure of a road to encourage children to play outside. Anyone can apply for a traffic order to close a road for a specified time.

Contributions from the floor:

  1. There is a lack of reliable public transport. Local train routes have been
    curtailed (ThameslinkjSoutheastern) and bus routes serving the area have been shortened by City Hall. Better access to our stations should be a priority and bus frequency through the Village should be improved, the P4 bus needs to be more regular and one contributor suggested a re-routing of the 201 could offer benefits.

Helen Hayes agreed that public transport, particularly trains are very
unreliable. Franchises are up for review soon and ideally it would good if
TfL could be the leading body. The 201 re-routing is worth exploring.

Electric vehicles may be a solution but when will charging points be rolled out and what options are there for residents to select different green suppliers particularly for charging at home?

CUr Livingstone – the council has plans for electric charging points in
lampposts and some are already being piloted in the Herne Hill area. Most
of the suppliers are “green” suppliers.

CUr Leeming – there are other types of electric vehicles, bicycles,
delivery vans, possibly scooters if the law permits.

  • There were many comments about the need to tackle air pollution on key
    roads like the South Circular and near schools. We must put children’s
    interests at the heart of planning considerations. Statistics show a big
    concentration of school children in the Dulwich area (approx. 11-12,000 daily during school terms), potentially affected by all-day pollution. Air pollution must be properly monitored so we have the data. Too many children are still being driven to school.

CUr Leeming “WE are the traffic; WE are the people making the
pollution; WHY are there delivery vans everywhere? We cannot escape

  • There is no on-site car parking for staff at Alleyn’s, so they use available
  • parking spaces in local roads. Some sixth formers also drive to school.

CUr Newens said the new East Dulwich CPZ consultation was initially
intended to cover Townley/Dovercourt Roads, but these roads are no
longer in the scheme. Concerns about Townley should be raised with

  • School coaches on Townley Road are running their engines for about 30
    minutes causing pollution. What is the law and what powers do the police have?

Advice from the panel – “Idling” is a civil enforcement matter, though
the presence of police officers may help as a deterrent. The Council tends
to issue a warning before issuing a fixed penalty notice. Southwark
Council is one of the few councils acting on this. If anyone spots an
“idling” coach, a photo may be useful, and a note of the coach number
plate and school badge/number should be sent to Helen Hayes MP, local
councillors and Alleyn’s School for action.

  • There is too much speeding on Village Roads e.g. Half Moon Lane. The
  • 20mph zone is not being properly enforced.

CUr Newens encouraged audience members to volunteer for Community
Roadwatch to monitor speeds on local roads with the Southwark
Roadwatch team. Please email if you
are interested in participating.

7. There were several points about CPZs:

Concerns about displacement of vehicles because of CPZs – there has
been an enormous impact in Turney Road, Burbage Road and Calton
Avenue as a result of the North Dulwich CPZ. As the CPZs spread so the
displacement spreads across the area.

There are still difficulties in parking in the evening despite the CPZ.

When will the Village Way CPZ start? (CUr Newens:  –Shortly).

Is there a possibility of a CPZ on College Road? – This is a private road
owned by the Dulwich Estate and Cllr Simmons (in attendance) pointed
out that councillors, who have regular meetings with the Estate, can raise
issues with the Estate.

8. Other points from the audience:

More cycle parking is needed.

Why not reduce parking in Dulwich Park? Why encourage people to drive
and park, then walk?

When is the Village Way lollipop person returning? (has been off sick)
Cycling on pavements is a nuisance – needs to be designed out.

From some of the post-its:

“Mums for Lungs” group urge school street rollout to as many schools as
possible. Audience suggestions for school streets included Townley Road,
Dulwich Village and Village Way.

–  Study air quality at Alleyn’s at coach arrival/departure times.

–  Make West Dulwich station accessible to relieve pressure at Herne Hill.

–  Do a Community Roadwatch on “idling”.

– Introduce better East-West bus routes across Dulwich

– Introduce measures to reduce North-South traffic major cause of congestion.

– Switch the school coaches to eco-coaches

School car parks should be on school sites

–  Sports fields generate extra weekend traffic taking up residents’ parking


The Chair thanked the panel and attendees for their contributions. Helen Hayes highlighted the good community networks in Dulwich. Groups such as the Dulwich Society and Safe Routes to School help with education and changing behaviour. The Council needs to consult and engage and make the case for improvements step by step.

There were reminders about forthcoming Dulwich Community Council meetings and the audience was invited to respond to the Movement Plan and East Dulwich CPZ consultations.

Further information will be circulated to attendees and Councillors will be
following up on the issues raised.

COLAR AGM 28th Nov 2018

The 3rd AGM meeting of COLAR was held on Wednesday 28th November 2017 at 7.00pm at St Barnabas Parish Hall in Dulwich Village. 

The agenda:

1.            Apologies for absence

2.            Declarations of interest

3.            Minutes of the AGM held on Tuesday 23rd Nov 2017                       

4.            Matters arising from the Minutes not covered by the Agenda

5.            Election of Committee (all existing Committee members have indicated their willingness to stand for re-election)  If you would like to stand, please let me have a note of your name for inclusion in the process

6.            Chairman’s Report (will be mainly covered in discussion of items 7 to 12)

7.            Quietways 7 – assessment of Dulwich Village junction.  Is Lambeth not now going ahead with their section?

8.            Quietways 8 – progress of the further Quietway proposed to run from Peckham, up Barry Road crossing Lordship Lane by Dulwich Library, down Woodwarde Road to join Quietway 7 at the junction with Dulwich Village. The reverse route will run up Court Lane and Eynella Road

9.            SG Smith site development

10.          Controlled Parking Zones: Townley Road CPZ: consultation period

11.          Foundation Schools Coaches

12.          Dulwich Village Forum, an umbrella group of local RA’s…what progress?

13.          Award of £27k secured by COLAR to repair tree pits on Court Lane pavements

14.          Events in Dulwich Park & Brockwell Park

15.          Royal Mail sorting office problems

16.          Kings College Hospital – new CEO – £145 million deficit in 2017

17.          Crime, muggings, burglaries

18.          AOB

19.          Date of the next AGM  –  November 2019  (tba)

The meeting was chaired by Ian Rankine and minuted by Richard Bushell

1Apologies were received from Brigid Gardner and Anna Collins  
2No declarations of interested were received
3 The Minutes of the Dec 2017 AGM were accepted as read  
4 It was agreed to add the new councillors (Richard Leamus and Margie Eylings) details onto the website and to add other useful phone numbers. It was noted that COLAR now had some 147 individual e-mail addresses. In addition, our communications were also copied to residents in Eynella Road, Desenfans Road and Eastlands Crescent
5 Election of Committee. The existing committee members have indicated their willingness to stand for re-election. No additional members have put forward their names so the COLAR committee was elected unopposed as follows: Officers (2) Chair Ian Rankine 140 CL Secretary Richard Bushell  3 CLG Committee members who will help & co-chair when needed : Charles Cary-Elwes 122 CL Jean Cary-Elwes 122 CL Emily Chong 119 CL Roy Collins 115 CL Anna Collins 115 CL Brigid Gardner – Ash Cottage  CL  
6 The Chairman presented his report  
7Quietway 7. The changes to the Village junction have been completed. The recent addition of the yellow box appears to have helped traffic flow. The results of the survey is awaited. Lambeth have not agreed to proceed with the continuation. Any comments or concerns should be sent to the council and copied to COLAR    
8Quietway 8.   Quietway 8 runs from Peckham to Wimbledon. The proposed route from Peckham runs up Barry Rd crossing Lordship Lane by Dulwich Library onto Eynella Road and down Court Lane to join Quietway 7 at the junction with Dulwich Village and onto Wimbledon. This proposal appears to be still being discussed  
9 SG Smith development. The demolition has commenced. The clearance of petrol contaminated ground appears a much bigger excercise than thought with additional tanks identified    
10 Controlled Parking Zones. Townley Road CPZ: consultation period discussed  
1 1Foundation Schools Coaches Survey.      The final implementation is still awaiting the resolution of  a number of issues particularly about the drop off / collection point at Dulwich College  
12 Dulwich Villlage Forum. The Dulwich Village Forum (DVF) is currently effectively on hold. The link is:  
13 Tree Pits. The representation of residents (C&JCE) successfully achieved an award of £27,000 for the construction of tree pits in Court Lane. The work is presently approximately 50% complete  
14 Events in Dulwich Park. Some of the up-and-coming events were listed  
15 Royal Mail sorting office problems. The problems that had occurred at the Alleyn Road sorting office was discussed. A Member of staff has been dismissed  
16 Kings College Hospital. A new CEO has been appointed – £145 million deficit in 2017  
17  Crime, muggings, burglaries. A number of incidents continue to occur. A recent burglary occurred with the owner being distracted in the garden installing Xmas lights whilst his accomplice entered through the open door and rifled the house  
18 AOB. A member of the audience brought it to the meeting’s attention that a planning application to knock down a house in Eastlands Crescent and replace it with 2 new builds which were not in character with the area has been proposed. A concern was that the change may set a precedence. Residents were invited to review the plans and comment to the planning offices  
19 Date of the next AGM  –  December 2019 (tba)  
  Minuted by Richard Bushell 17th December 2018
 Richard Bushell                                     Ian Rankine

Autumn 2018 – update

Proposed CPZ in Townley Road

Please note the message below from Ian McInnes, Chairman of the Dulwich Society, regarding the proposed CPZ (controlled parking zone) in Townley Road.

If the scheme goes through, a knock-on effect is highly likely in Court Lane and surrounding roads where parking spaces are scarce.  Please write to our local councillors Richard Leeming and Margy Newens expressing your views on this proposal and also write to Southwark Council, all at the links below, and use the link below to download the form to request a Parking Zone consultation

Dear Residents’ Associations,

The number of controlled parking zones in the area has been growing over the last few years. First they appeared in Herne Hill (Lambeth side), then Herne Hill (Southwark Side) and then in the North Dulwich Triangle – and the one there is about to be extended into Village Way.

There is now to be a CPZ consultation in Townley Road covering East Dulwich, north and east of Townley Road. The potential impact on Dovercourt Road, Beauval Road and Calton Avenue (not part of the consultation) is likely to be substantial – and the displaced parking could also affect Woodwarde Road, Court Lane and Gilkes Crescent.

The Dulwich Society’s view is that any consultation must be much wide-ranging and should include Dulwich Village. If you are concerned, and would like your road considered as part of a CPZ consultation, you need to let the Council know. Residents should email: copied to councillors, asking for their roads to be included or you can go the council’s website which has a special form at

Village Way CPZ

Following a consultation, it is likely that the North Dulwich triangle CPZ will be extended to cover Village Way which has recently been suffering from displaced parking.

Please express your views to the Council and to our local councillors in Village and Goose Green Wards and let them know.

Village ward;

Goose Green Ward;

Consultation on pedestrian crossings at the junction of Lordship Lane and Dulwich Common by the former Grove Tavern

TfL are consulting on plans to improve pedestrian safety at this Junction. This is potentially a major safety enhancement and can we suggest that as many people as possible respond by 25th October.


Dulwich Community Council meeting – September 19th 2018

Kings College Hospital

Peter Herring, the new Chief Executive, Kings College Hospital Trust, told the meeting about the £146 million deficit (against a £34 million deficit forecast!), saying that KCH was less financially disciplined than other hospitals in the UK. There is a new team in place to deal with the ongoing problems and the hospital is in special measures.

He explained that mental health cases were a very serious problem at Kings and, as a result, A&E departments suffer. There is also a problem of bed-blocking caused by a serious lack of health care in the community. He said that this is a national problem.

The Police

Lambeth and Southwark Police forces are merging. More details to come.

Quietways 7

At the DCC meeting, the junction was soundly criticised by local cyclists, pedestrians and residents. It was pointed out that the police cyclists themselves, having monitored the junction for a week, concluded that it was flawed and dangerous. Their report has yet to be made public.

The Council recently carried out a monitoring exercise on the Dulwich Village junction due to complaints of

  • pedestrians being injured having tripped over the kerb-stones;
  • conflict of Court Lane and Calton Avenue traffic lights;
  • pedestrians, cyclists and motorists being given the green light at the same time; and
  • school patrol officers complaining that the refuges, having been removed, makes it dangerous for children to cross. They also complain that many cyclists jump the lights or cycle on the busy pavements.

As a result of these criticisms, a half-box of yellow hatching has been installed. Its effectiveness is being monitored by the Council. Comments to COLAR on this measure and the junction as a whole would be most welcome. Contact or we can pass your comments on to Southwark.

Quietway 8 – Peckham to Wimbledon via Dulwich

It appears that this initiative is still alive though progress is unknown. However, Clement Agyei-Frempong of Southwark Council confirmed at the meeting that this new Quietway will go ahead.

If you look at the Southwark Cyclists’ website, you will see that the route is fraught with difficulties not least of which is the problem of how to cross the arterial junction of Barry Road and Lordship Lane into Eynella Road. These problems came to light when Clement, along with Joanna Lesak the designer, cycled the route with the Southwark Cyclists who then posted their comments on their website.

Barclays Bank, Dulwich Village

Closes on 12th October. There is no information about any new occupant.

Foundation coaches

Re-routing of the coaches has been delayed by TfL until next year.

Alleyn Park Sorting Office

There have been problems with inspectors finding mail in locked cupboards not delivered from 2017. The manager has been sacked.

SG Smith site

The work of demolition has been completed. Gilkes Place is permanently blocked at the junction with Gilkes Crescent.

Court Lane Pavement repairs

In March, there was an award amounting to £27,200 for Court lane pavement repairs. Alwyn Samuel ( is the Principal Engineer leading on this. We will contact him to find out when works will commence. We will also ask councillors Richard and Margy for help in getting these repairs done.

We look forward to hearing from you with comments you might have on these items or any other comments you would care to make on local matters.

Jean and Charles Cary-Elwes, Ian Rankine, Emily Chong


Dulwich Community Council Forum – 7th March 2018

Community Council Highways Unallocated Capital Investment 2017-18 and 2018-19 – East Dulwich Ward allocated their funding to pavement repairs in Lordship Lane and to the Lordship Lane/East Dulwich Grove junction.  Village Ward committed their balance of £27,200 to pavement repairs in Court Lane.


Peckham Rye to Dulwich Quietway 8 – Johanna Lesak presented a report on the Quietway which is intended to run from Peckham to (eventually) Wimbledon.  She reported that the current design had been assessed to result in additional congestion.  The design was currently being re-worked to improve this.  A question was asked regarding traffic  speed figures for Barry Road.  These were not to hand but it was promised that they would be put up on the relevant web-site.


Fair Trade Fortnight – an announcement was made that this would be held in May.  The Fairtrade shop at Christ Church, Barry Road, would be open Monday/Friday from 10.00am to 4.00pm.


Little Village Southwark – Sarah Ross spoke about this new Charity which is operating rather like a food bank…but for clothes and toys.  Money had been raised by crowd funding and a storage facility was operating next to the Ivy House at Nunhead.


An announcement was made regarding the planting of many flowering trees over the past few years.  Winterbrook Road in particular was looking spectacular and a group viewing had been arranged for 10.00am on 25th March when the blossoms should be at their best.


Thames Water – Mark Matthews from Thames Water gave a long presentation explaining the problems over many bursts caused by the recent very cold weather, resulting in the loss of supply over several days for some Dulwich area residents.  He apologised for this and stressed that the company had several teams of engineers on standby to make repairs asap.  He told the meeting that 500m litres of water per day were being lost…and airlocks in the main distribution network had been responsible for cuts.  The company was working towards reducing this leakage by 50% over the next few years.  They were looking to increase their emergency teams, and to increase and improve their communication with customers via social media.  Several questions and comments from the floor were made about rudeness and unhelpfulness from the company’s switchboard operators when customers were trying report leaks/outages/or to obtain information.  He apologised and promised that this would be addressed.


Dulwich Area Traffic Management Study – representatives from Steer Davies Gleave presented a snapshot of the feedback on the results of their recent consultation.  The scope of their work was outlined and it was stated that as a result of feedback received, their initial report had been updated to take account of emerging evidence.  460 responses had been received…176 from individuals.  COLAR’s input was mentioned…Resident Association’s comments had tended to be more general than specific to individual proposals, but were nevertheless included in the report.  Main areas of concern were (1) Traffic calming and (2) Air quality and (3) Parking.  All concerns had been included and analysed.  Broadly, the package of recommendations were:

1) Minimise the imact of School travel. Four interventions were proposed.

2) Encourage the use of ‘clean’ vehicles. More electric charging points will be required.

3) Improvements for pedestrians. Lordship Lane/Alleyn Park/College Road, etc.

4) Improvements for cyclists.  Improve junctions.  Provide more parking for cycles, etc.

5) Improvement in public transport.  Engage with Network Rail re station access also with TFL.

6) Traffic Management (many, many responses). Monitor the new Dulwich Village junction. Assess rat-running problems.  Explore traffic calming measures.

7) Car parking. A cpz around Dulwich Village raised many negative local concerns.  A cpz across the whole area of the study received a more positive response. It was recommended to engage with neighbouring Boroughs over this.


It was promised that a consultation on all proposals would be carried out before any implementations were to be made.


Councillor Mitchell was incensed that concerns over rat-running in Ruskin Avenue with proposals for a one-way system in  adjoining roads had been omitted completely from the report, Steer Davies replied that this had not been included in their brief.


A question from the floor was raised over who had paid for all this…three sources of funding were cited – Southwark Council/ TFL/ plus some central Government funding.


Ian Rankine 10/03/2018

College Road / South Circular junction upgrade consultation

From: TfL Consultations []
Sent: 06 March 2018

I am writing to let you know that we are planning to upgrade crossing facilities at the above named junction and reconfigure the layout to enable coaches to make the left turn into College Road northbound to enable coaches serving local schools to be re-routed away from Calton Avenue which forms part of the recently installed Quietway 7 (QW7). This will require relocating a traffic island at the centre of the junction, the position of which currently prevents coaches from turning left.

Additionally, we intend to widen the existing formal pedestrian crossing on the west side of the junction in order to accommodate the increase in pedestrian footfall arising from coaches dropping off in College Road.

The project is expected to be completed during this summer holiday, starting the work in August 2018. If not possible for any reason, the work will be carried out in the next available school holiday period. We are working closely with London Borough of Southwark to deliver the scheme.

Key scheme benefits:

  • Allowing coaches to turn left from Dulwich Common eastbound into College Road northbound will facilitate new school coach routing in order to improve the cycling environment along QW7 (Calton Avenue)
  • The pedestrian crossing across the western arm will be upgraded in order to accommodate increased pedestrian flows arising from potential new student pick-up / drop-off locations – this will ensure safe and accessible crossing conditions for all, including local schoolchildren.

We are intending to replace a small section of grass on the northeast corner of the junction with paved footway in order to provide the best access to the relocated northern crossing; this is subject to discussion with the landowners (Dulwich Estate)

If you wish to make any comments on the scheme, please do so by Friday 23 March 2018 by emailing to us at


Yours sincerely,

Muhammed Mashud

Local Communities & Partnerships

Transport for London

Village Junction Feedback

Please see information from Southwark’s Highways Engagement Officer regarding feedback on the new Dulwich Village junction.  Members are encouraged to submit their own personal opinions/experiences/comments.

I am writing to you as you have expressed an interest in the Dulwich Village works.

We are continuing to seek your feedback on your experience of the new road layout at Dulwich Village. The link to feed back can be found at – here you will also find a report summarising the outcomes of site visits and road safety audits carried out so far – this includes recent responses to safety concerns from TfL. This report will be continually updated as further monitoring is undertaken.

We’ve also included in an updated design drawing showing further changes to signage and road markings at Dulwich Village to address some of the initial concerns, and we have added a design drawing to show the whole of this section of Quietway 7 (Elephant & Castle to Crystal Palace – section 3).

Please do continue to give us your feedback via the online form .

Dear all,

I have been advised that some of you may be having difficulty opening the links in the email previously sent. Please see below for the full web addresses:

For the monitoring page:

For the feedback form:

Please let me know if you experience any further issues with these.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Hamston

Highways and New Homes Engagement Officer

Southwark Council

Housing and Modernisation Department

Community Engagement Division

PO Box 64529

London, SE1 5LX

Tel – 020 7525 3990

Mob – 0771 177 5398


Now you can be involved in community council discussions online:

COLAR Committee Meeting 12/02/2018

A committee meeting of COLAR was held on Monday 12th February 2018 at 10.30am at 140 Court Lane.


Chair                                  Ian Rankine                   140 CL

Secretary                          Richard Bushell                 3 CLG

Charles Cary-Elwes      122 CL

Jean  Cary-Elwes          122 CL

Emily Chong                  119 CL

Roy Collins                    115 CL

Brigid Gardner            Ash Cottage  CL


The meeting was chaired by Ian Rankine and minuted by Richard Bushell

Item Description Actionee
1 Changes to Village Junction  
1.1 Many concerns have been raised over the revised junction. The overall concerns relate to the negative impact to pedestrians from increased risk and inconvenience. The poor visibility and confusion for motorists and cyclists is also raising concerns. The police have been monitoring throughout the last week.  
1.2 It was proposed that the COLAR committee prepare a letter outlining the concerns following the first 2 months of operation of the junction and send to our MP, Sadiq Khan and Tfl.  
  The appropriate people to address the letter were agreed as :

Helen Hayes MP for Dulwich and West Norwood

Sadiq Khan Mayor of London

Caroline Pidgeon Liberal Democrat member of London Assembly

Valerie Shawcross Deputy Mayor for London, Transport

Dr Will Norman London’s Walking & Cycling Commissioner

Due references should be given the statements in the Mayor’s “Healthy Streets for London”

1.3 Residents are to be encouraged to write their own comments as well to the above people  
1.4 In addition comments should be made to the Southwark consultation website  
1.5 A request under the Freedom of Information Act will be made asking what the cost of the junction changes were and what the budget allocated was. Charles Cary-Elwes
2 Cleaner, Greener Grant  
2.1 The grant application to replace the damaged/tarmac areas in paving in Court Lane was turned down.

Roy to chase to find out why. There were 2 parts to the application and only one seems to have been rejected



Roy Collins


2.2 Utility companies are obliged to replace like for like surfacing.

Also issues with tree pits may require a request to the council

Residents should  advise council of issues/deficiencies so the council can chase it up.

Appropriate personnel are :

Dale Foden – Street Care Manager   DL 0207 525 2045  Email:

Oliver Stutter – Southwark Urban Forester DL 0207 525 2090   Email:

Gary Meadowcroft – Southwark Tree Officer DL 0207 525 3438  Email:

3 Burgularies and Car Jackings etc  
3.1 The number of reported incidents is disturbing. COLAR has been distributing reports of incidents to members to raise awareness.

Roy Collins to contact CL Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator to discuss best reporting mechanisms and working together



Roy Collins

4 Data Protection  
4.1 The Data Protection requirements are changing this March and it requires each individual to positively agree to have their contact information used. A no-response does not equate to agreement.

All members to be contacted and asked to respond in writing (email) to their agreement to have their details used




Charles Cary-Elwes

4.2 Eastlands Crescent, Eyenella and Desefans Roads have asked to be included on communications. The DP requirements will need to address these contacts too Charles Cary-Elwes
5 Raised Beds  
5.1 The raised beds ate the village end of Court Lane were discussed. It is believed these were part of the Dulwich Estate and were protected. It was suggested that the Estate should be approached to improve the appeance perhaps by re-pointing and replanting as part of the 400 year celebration Ian Rankine


6 COLAR Website  
6.1 Additional contacts to be added (as per items 1 and 2)

Details of forthcoming local events to be added

Ian Rankine
7.1 A brief discussion was held outlining what COLAR had achieved since its inception with the purpose of confirming it was benefiting the membership.

Some of the achievements were:

·         140 plus members

·         Improved communication

·         Increased attendance at DCC meetings

·         Site meetings with council and contractors

·         Highlighting issues and appropriate contact details

·         Encouraging comments on junction

·         Working with other RAs etc.

  Minuted by Richard Bushell

15th Feb 2018

Richard Bushell                                     Ian Rankine


COLAR AGM 23rd November 2017

The 2nd AGM meeting of COLAR was held on Thursday 23rd November 2017 at 7.30pm at St Barnabas Parish Hall in Dulwich Village.

The agenda:

  1. Apologies for absence from the meeting
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 6th December 2016
  4. Matters arising from the Minutes not covered by the Agenda
  5. Election of Committee
  6. Quietway 7 – Decision to go ahead taken, but the promised call in by Councillors did not happen. The main areas remain namely the redesign of the Village junction, loss of priority for Court Lane, three lanes funnelled into 2, traffic displacement and possible serious congestionand air pollution at peak times.
  7. Meeting with Quietway 8 planner, Joanna Lesak. Quiteway 8 is to run from Peckham, up Barry Road  crossing Lordship Lane by Dulwich Library and down Court Lane to join Quietway 7 at the junction with Dulwich village.
  8. SG Smith development
  9. Double yellow lines on all corners
  10. Foundation Schools Coaches Survey
  11. The newly formed Dulwich Forum, an umbrella group of local RA’s etc.
  12. Any other matters members see fit to bring up for discussion.
  13. Date of the next AGM –  December 2018 (tba)

The meeting was chaired by Ian Rankine and minuted by Richard Bushell


Item Description Actionee
1 Apologies for absence from the meeting  
1.1 No apologies were received  
2 Declarations of interest  
2.1 No declarations of interested were received  
3 Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 6th December 2016  
3.1 The minutes were accepted as read  
4 Matters arising from the Minutes not covered by the Agenda  
4.1 In was noted that COLAR now had some 127 individual email addresses representing dome 145 people.

In addition our communications were also copied to residents in Eynella Road, Desenfans Road and Eastlands Crescent

5 Election of Committee  
5.1 The existing committee members apart from Kamal Rahman and Liz Emerson have indicated their willingness to stand for re-election.

No additional members have put forward their names so the COLAR committee was elected unopposed as follows:

Officers (2)

Chair                                    Ian Rankine            140 CL

Secretary                            Richard Bushell      3 CLG


Committee members who will help & co-chair when needed :

Charles Cary-Elwes     122 CL

Jean  Cary-Elwes         122 CL

Emily Chong                 119 CL

Roy Collins                    115 CL

Brigid Gardner –          Ash Cottage  CL

6 Quietway 7  
6.1 The changes to the Village junction have commenced with some minor changes to the original proposal, the most significant being to retain some of the railings outside the schools.

The works are reported to be complete by 1Q 2018, the slow progress of the works was noted. The local shops have reported a more than 40% drop in sales driven by the chaos and reduction in parking.

Discussions locally with the contractors and council have lead to reduced work areas to free up more parking for shoppers and residents. Discussions to use the SG Smiths area for contractor’s storage are underway.

Also the proposal to remove the double yellow lines on Carlton avenue on the RHS up to Gilkes Crescent were well received and hopefully will be implemented.

It was suggested concerned COLAR members should write directly to the council namely

Matt Hill Highways Department

Cc Dulwich Village councillors, COLAR.

COLAR will put the names and contact details for the councillors etc on the website

















7 Quietway 8  
7.1 Quietway 8 runs from Peckham to Wimbledon. The proposed route  from Peckham goes up Barry Road  crossing Lordship Lane by Dulwich Library onto Eynella Road and down Court Lane to join Quietway 7 at the junction with Dulwich Village and onto Wimbledon  
7.2 An onsite discussion was held on the 16th November with the Quietways 8 planner, Joanna Lesak at which many suggestions and observations were made. Also one village councillor was in attendance. COLAR representatives and local residents were in attendance.  
8 SG Smith development  
8.1 The site had until recently been occupied by travellers

Planning issues are believed to have delayed the work until march 2016

An update is to be requested





9 Double Yellow Lines on all corners  
9.1 Since most roads already have DYL and the extent proposed is limited the implementation is not considered to have minor impact on parking  
10 Foundation Schools Coaches Survey.  
10.1 The village roadworks has resulted in the coaches diverting from Carlton Avenue improving the situation. The final solution is still awaiting the resolution of  a number of issues particularly about the drop off / collection point at the college  
11 Dulwich Villlage Forum  
11.1 The Dulwich Village Forum (DVF) is being formed to represent the RAs, businesses and schools to present a more representative group of local stake holders which should be seen as a more powerful local group to discuss issues affecting affected parties in the village

The link is



The DVF is progressing through the process required under local government rules to get its self established and recognised under local government legislation.  
12. COLAR Website  
12.1 The floor found the website useful

A request for help was put forward to the floor

Contact information for the Council will be added (See 6.1)




13 Any other matters members see fit to bring up for discussion  
13.1 There is an holistic traffic study being carried out by the Steer Davies Gleave on behalf of Southwark covering the 3 local wards including Dulwich Village.  
13.2 Jean and Charles Ewles put in an application for a Cleaner Greener grant to replace the asphalt patches in Court Lane with matching paving.  
14 Date of the next AGM  –  December 2018 (tba)  
  Minuted by Richard Bushell

8th December 2017

Richard Bushell                                     Ian Rankine


AGM 23/11/2017


Will be held at St. Barnabas Village Hall on Thursday 23rd November 2017 at 7.30pm

A glass of wine or soft drink will be available on arrival


  1. Apologies for absence from the meeting.
  2. Declarations of interest.
  3. Minutes of the AGM held on Wednesday 6th December 2016.
  4. Matters arising from the Minutes not covered by the Agenda.
  5. Election of Committee. If you would like to stand, please let me have a note of your name for inclusion in the process.
  6. Quietway 7 – decision to go ahead taken, but a call-in by Councillors refused, redesign of the Village Junction, loss of priority for Court Lane, three lanes funnelled into two, traffic displacement and possible             serious congestion and air pollution at peak times.
  7. A further Quietway announced to run from Peckham, up Barry Road crossing Lordship Lane by DulwichLibrary and down Court Lane to join Quietway 7 at the junction with Dulwich Village.
  8. SG Smith development.
  9. Double yellow lines on all corners.
  10. Controlled Parking Zones.
  11. Foundation Schools Coaches Survey.
  12. The newly-formed Dulwich Forum, an umbrella group of local RA’s.
  13. The COLAR website.
  14. Any other matters members see fit to bring up for discussion.
  15. Date of the next AGM –  December 2018 (tba).

If you would like to raise any points for discussion to be included on the Agenda, please let me know.

I would encourage as many people as possible to attend because currently, there are critical issues affecting us all.


Ian Rankine, Chairman                                            

Members will be asked to let the committee know their views on any of these matters, along with any solutions or courses of action they may want to suggest.


Report on the recent Neighbourhood Watch Meeting.

The meeting was attended by some residents plus one of our Councillors – Jane Lyons – and our local Village bobby PC Daniel Mclynn.  Daniel is extremely knowledgeable in the area of home security, having worked in this sector before joining the police force.  He reported that several burglaries had occurred in Court Lane, especially those houses backing onto the Park, also in Woodwarde Road.  A detailed discussion took place regarding preventative measures.

One of the cheapest and most effective of these is the installation of a wooden trellis 2.5 to 3.0 ft high along the top of existing fences.  Intruders do not like to attempt to climb these due to the possibility of the wood breaking and causing injury, and with a six inch lattice they do not obstruct the view too much.  A possibility that Dulwich Park might pay for the installation of something like this was suggested – as they own the rear fences to the Park – but initial soundings indicate that there would not be funds available for this (where have we heard that before!).

Daniel reported that marking high value items with ‘smart water’ (some kits have been already distributed free to some residents) has proved very effective, and has enabled several prosecutions to succeed when suspects have been apprehended with stolen goods in their possession.  Things to mark include computers, ipads, mobiles, video and camera equipment, pictures, jewellery and antiques.  ‘Smart Water’ marking will last for about 5 years, after which it should be re-applied.

Video surveillance cameras have proved very effective (especially covering the rear of properties).  They do not have to be the real deal…a simple camera housing can be fixed high up onto the wall, and these provide a real turn-off to professional pilferers!

There are many other things that can be done…lights on timers…proper locks (the burglary in Woodwarde Road was a break-in through rear patio doors)…net curtains on downstairs windows…etc…etc.  The theft of a high quality bike from Woodwarde was due to builders removing the lockable side passage gate.  These are an area of vulnerability…wheelie bins in front gardens can be utilised to clamber over side gates…some sort of barrier above the gate can provide a deterrent.  Daniel says that he will be very pleased to make an appointment to come to any house to assess and advise.  Highly recommended…and all for the cost of a cup of tea!  You can contact him by e-mail at  Or by post at Village Ward LPT, 9 Wren Road, SE5 8HT.  Or by ‘phone on 020 8721 2446.

Remember in an emergency dial 999.  Non-emergency dial 101.  Crime Stoppers (for giving anonymous information on crime) is 0800 555 111.

Whilst on the subject of Neighbourhood Watch…at the last AGM it became apparent that there is a bit of a crisis over lack of volunteers to be on local committees…such that some meetings have sadly become not quorate.  If you would like to be involved in keeping our neighbourhood safer – contact Lucia Annear (e-mail