Inaugural meeting, December 1st 2015

The Colar inaugural meeting took place on December 1st. The Constitution was adopted and can be viewed here.

The Committee was elected and the 10 members are:

Two Officers

Ian Rankine 140 CL Hon. Chair

Richard Bushell 3 CLG Hon. Secretary

The eight Ordinary members who will help and co-chair when needed :

Charles Cary-Elwes 122 CL

Jean Cary-Elwes 122 CL

Emily Chong 119 CL

Roy Collins 115 CL

Kamal Rahman 28 CL

Liz Emerson 172CL

Nick Dutton 191 CL

Brigid Gardner – Ash Cottage CL

The meeting then discussed a number of issues of interest and possible courses of action, including:

• The proposed Quietways and its possible impact on Court Lane and Court Lane Gardens

• Protection of the raised flower beds (north end)

• Traffic light phasing at the Calton Avenue / Dulwich Village junction—excessive time allotted automatically to pedestrians, often when there are none

• Possible parking restrictions between Calton Avenue and Dekker Road to allow passing of vehicles

• Improved lighting along the length of the raised flower beds, (east side, north end)

• Overflowing rubbish bins opposite the park gates

• Overnight parking of commercial vehicles particularly at the south end

• The problem of the Foundation Schools’ coaches causing congestion in Calton Avenue and at the Village traffic lights

Please let us know your view on any of these matters, along with any solutions or courses of action you may want to suggest.

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