COLAR Committee Meeting 12/02/2018

A committee meeting of COLAR was held on Monday 12th February 2018 at 10.30am at 140 Court Lane.


Chair                                  Ian Rankine                   140 CL

Secretary                          Richard Bushell                 3 CLG

Charles Cary-Elwes      122 CL

Jean  Cary-Elwes          122 CL

Emily Chong                  119 CL

Roy Collins                    115 CL

Brigid Gardner            Ash Cottage  CL


The meeting was chaired by Ian Rankine and minuted by Richard Bushell

Item Description Actionee
1 Changes to Village Junction  
1.1 Many concerns have been raised over the revised junction. The overall concerns relate to the negative impact to pedestrians from increased risk and inconvenience. The poor visibility and confusion for motorists and cyclists is also raising concerns. The police have been monitoring throughout the last week.  
1.2 It was proposed that the COLAR committee prepare a letter outlining the concerns following the first 2 months of operation of the junction and send to our MP, Sadiq Khan and Tfl.  
  The appropriate people to address the letter were agreed as :

Helen Hayes MP for Dulwich and West Norwood

Sadiq Khan Mayor of London

Caroline Pidgeon Liberal Democrat member of London Assembly

Valerie Shawcross Deputy Mayor for London, Transport

Dr Will Norman London’s Walking & Cycling Commissioner

Due references should be given the statements in the Mayor’s “Healthy Streets for London”

1.3 Residents are to be encouraged to write their own comments as well to the above people  
1.4 In addition comments should be made to the Southwark consultation website  
1.5 A request under the Freedom of Information Act will be made asking what the cost of the junction changes were and what the budget allocated was. Charles Cary-Elwes
2 Cleaner, Greener Grant  
2.1 The grant application to replace the damaged/tarmac areas in paving in Court Lane was turned down.

Roy to chase to find out why. There were 2 parts to the application and only one seems to have been rejected



Roy Collins


2.2 Utility companies are obliged to replace like for like surfacing.

Also issues with tree pits may require a request to the council

Residents should  advise council of issues/deficiencies so the council can chase it up.

Appropriate personnel are :

Dale Foden – Street Care Manager   DL 0207 525 2045  Email:

Oliver Stutter – Southwark Urban Forester DL 0207 525 2090   Email:

Gary Meadowcroft – Southwark Tree Officer DL 0207 525 3438  Email:

3 Burgularies and Car Jackings etc  
3.1 The number of reported incidents is disturbing. COLAR has been distributing reports of incidents to members to raise awareness.

Roy Collins to contact CL Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator to discuss best reporting mechanisms and working together



Roy Collins

4 Data Protection  
4.1 The Data Protection requirements are changing this March and it requires each individual to positively agree to have their contact information used. A no-response does not equate to agreement.

All members to be contacted and asked to respond in writing (email) to their agreement to have their details used




Charles Cary-Elwes

4.2 Eastlands Crescent, Eyenella and Desefans Roads have asked to be included on communications. The DP requirements will need to address these contacts too Charles Cary-Elwes
5 Raised Beds  
5.1 The raised beds ate the village end of Court Lane were discussed. It is believed these were part of the Dulwich Estate and were protected. It was suggested that the Estate should be approached to improve the appeance perhaps by re-pointing and replanting as part of the 400 year celebration Ian Rankine


6 COLAR Website  
6.1 Additional contacts to be added (as per items 1 and 2)

Details of forthcoming local events to be added

Ian Rankine
7.1 A brief discussion was held outlining what COLAR had achieved since its inception with the purpose of confirming it was benefiting the membership.

Some of the achievements were:

·         140 plus members

·         Improved communication

·         Increased attendance at DCC meetings

·         Site meetings with council and contractors

·         Highlighting issues and appropriate contact details

·         Encouraging comments on junction

·         Working with other RAs etc.

  Minuted by Richard Bushell

15th Feb 2018

Richard Bushell                                     Ian Rankine


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